Susan Cain: The Quiet Revolution

In a society that encourages social, outgoing traits, Susan Cain is a spokesperson for introverts. We caught up  to discuss the role of quiet in our increasingly noisy world. You can listen to the audio interview, or read the transcript below. Julian Treasure: I’m with somebody who’s become a friend over the last couple of…

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The 4 ways sound affects us

I want to talk in this short blog about the ways sound affects us. You can listen to the blog or read the transcript below. My new book, How to be Heard, is all about communicating, and it’s also about sound. Sound has four very powerful effects. The sound of your voice will do this…

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The 3 outcomes of conscious communication

I’ll be using this blog to explore many of the topics covered in my new book, How to be Heard. You can listen to the audio blog, or read the summary below. How to be Heard teaches practical habits to transform your communication skills. But what is the greater impact of this on your life? I…

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